Our treatments are specifically crafted in order to protect, treat and revitalise your face skin. Effective and complete if used singularly, they are yet conceived to be used combined in personalised treatments; we offer different boxes, each thought for a different kind of skin (oily, dry, combination, with wrinkles), including the specific products and the instructions on how to apply them. Click on your skin type to discover the special treatment we have prepared for your face.

Treatment 3

compacting nourishing treatment especially conceived for mature, fine skin with deep wrinkles. It is also recommended for sensitive skin. It completes and fixes the effects of the other products contained in the different boxes.

Treatment 2

delicate emollient nourishing treatment also recommended for eye contour. Thanks to its superior hydrating level, it corresponds to level 2 in the personalised combinations.

Treatment 1 +

hydrating emulsion conceived for tired and stressed skin. It constitutes a variation to Treatment 1 in the personalised combinations.

Treatment 1

hydrating light emulsion thought for oily skin or normal and combination skin during hot seasons. It corresponds to level 1 in the personalised combinations.

Treatment 0

hydrating serum which makes the anti-ageing ingredients chosen by Gian Maria Amatori penetrate deep into the skin. It constitutes the base product for the personalised combinations.

Apply on your face the products included in the box one after another, always starting from No. 0. Wait for the complete absorption before applying the following treatment. Repeat in the morning and at night. Avoid contact with eyes and eyelids.