who we are the core of Gian Maria Amatori’s laboratory is undoubtedly research. Here, in the uncontaminated heart of the Dolomites, for 30 years we have been improving rigorous and effective methods in order to value what nature has to offer, by using its vital energy and active substances to create unique restoring products.

Our synergic treatments are indeed aimed at producing positive and therapeutic effects on people’s balance and health. As the ancient alchemical symbol of “amalgam” represents, we combine nature and science, mixing a passionate exploration of the flora from the Dolomites with the most sophisticated technology and an artisanal care with rigorous tests on the results.

history our laboratory was started in 1990 in Corvara, Badia Valley, where Gianmaria Amatori decided to move in order to dedicate himself to his family-run pharmacy and innovative cosmetic research.

His investigation had begun in the vineyards of Tuscany and Bordeaux, and Badia Valley proved to be the ideal environment for this, with its uncontaminated mountains and woods, offering invaluable elements which are fundamental to create unique products with exclusive qualities. Since its inception 30 years ago, our laboratory has evolved especially thanks to our customers’ satisfaction, which has helped increase our self-awareness. Our brand has established itself in the cosmetics market with a great assortment of new products, yet preserving its original quality and excellence.

research is the core of Gian Maria Amatori’s laboratory, which continuously fathoms Nature in order to combine the most sophisticated methods used to extract natural active substances with the most technologically advanced cosmeceutical science.

Beyond the research continuously carried out by our staff, Gian Maria Amatori also avails himself of prestigious partners from important universities and laboratories. Trials and clinical tests on our products are performed by medical teams supervised by eminent professors, surgeons, dermatologists, pharmacologists and national and international specialists in the field.

sustainability in the uncontaminated landscape of the Dolomites, Gian Maria Amatori has paid thorough attention in creating his laboratory, taking advantage of absolutely natural and renewable materials.

In addition, special devices supply orgonic bioenergy (a discovery by Wilhelm Reich) to the laboratory, protecting it from electromagnetic waves and geo-pathogenic radiations. We extract the active substances ourselves from organic plants grown in South Tyrol and we only use pure, local and natural ingredients. Our products are dermatologically and microbiologically tested under completely cruelty-free procedures and do not contain toxic substances like parabens or SLS.

certifications i prodotti Gian Maria Amatori vengono creati a partire da tecnologie moderne e affidabili. Non vengono testati su animali, non contengono sostanze quali parabeni e SLS, non utilizzano olio di palma ma burro di karité. Sono dermatologicamente e microbiologicamente testati.

Vengono utilizzate le bioenergie per caricare acqua e prodotti con tecnologie avanzate, il laboratorio è bonificato dalle correnti elettromagnetiche anche quando i macchinari sono accesi. Alcuni dei principi attivi utilizzati vengono prodotti direttamente in laboratorio a partire da piante di coltivazione biologica provenienti dall’Alto Adige.