beauty treatments

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Antologia is our line of cosmetics designed to treat cellular ageing and skin problems. This is why it is especially appreciated in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Its effectiveness is due to the identification of the causes of cellular deterioration and the subsequent singling out and standardisation of 12 specific anti-ageing remedies, which are now present in 4 treatments with different hydration levels for different types of skin. The results are proven by means of advanced diagnostic equipment able to scan the epidermis in detail.


innovative products for
sports and physiotherapy

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Olympia has been personally created by Gian Maria Amatori 30 years ago, and has been improving ever since by observing and addressing the needs of people who have always chosen this Valley for summer or winter sports. He has also availed himself of the cooperation with international pharma and homeopathy experts. Given the proven effectiveness of Olympia treatments, they are successfully used by physiotherapists, too. Thanks to Olympia, since 2010 our laboratory has been the official provider of the FISI Italian Alpine Ski Team.


very effective
dermo-cosmetic treatments

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Medicamina is the line of products we conceived for distribution in pharmacies. Aimed at a wider target, they maintain the unique specific anti-ageing properties of Antologia treatments thanks to the same methodological approach.


natural specific

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Manipura is our line of products specifically targeted to common dermatological issues. It represents the contemporary evolution of the ancient local tradition of natural remedies, combining the precious elements from the Dolomites with advanced scientific and technological expertise in dermatology, naturopathy and homeopathy. This line is recommended by dermatologists and also available in pharmacies, having our formulations been tested by the Department of Cell and Molecular Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences of University of Pavia.